The Curriculum at Begbrook

We are currently delivering the new Primary Curriculum through the enquiry based model of teaching.  Each term children learn about a new topic by researching and learning new skills in order to answer a whole class question at the end of their topic.  We believe that this method gives children a reason to learn as they want to be able to answer this question together.

At Begbrook Primary Academy, we teach using a highly creative approach. We believe that children learn best by being involved in their own learning and taking an element of control. Our  curriculum is a skills based curriculum that provides opportunities for all subjects to be integrated, whilst maintaining coverage of National Curriculum objectives.

Our Reception classes organise their creative curriculum topics according to the children’s interests.  They make great use of the outside area and promote the three core areas of learning ‘communication and language’, ‘physical development’ and ‘personal, social and emotional development’

You can find out more about the Early years curriculum here

The remainder of the school organise their curriculum using objectives from the National Curriculum. Each term a new topic is introduced.

You can find out more about assessment at Begbrook by clicking this link A-parents-guide-to-curriculum-and-assessment

In order to engage and inspire the children at the beginning of a new topic, ignite activities are planned. Examples of ignite activities include:

  • Trips to Leicester space centre, local historical areas, Bristol zoo and the farm
  • We hold immersion days in school where visitors come in and help us to host medieval banquets, roman armies and den building










The children find these experiences memorable and a valuable way of ‘kick-starting’ their enthusiasm towards their new topic. At the end of a topic we like to invite parents into school to share in their child’s learning. These are greatly anticipated by all the children who are very proud of what they have learned.


We use a range of texts and teaching ideas to deliver high quality lessons to all of our children at Begbrook.  We currently use texts from the ‘Power of Reading’ and we use teaching skills from ‘Talk for Writing’. 

Phonics and Spelling

Our phonics scheme is ‘Jolly Phonics’, which is combined with ‘Letters and Sounds’ in order to deliver highly engaging sessions that meet the needs of the children.   At Begbrook, we use the ‘No Nonsense spelling’ programme, which is designed to specifically meet the needs of the National Curriculum. The programme is used from Year 2 – 6 .  


We are very proud to be an ECAR (Every Child a Reader) school, having gained the award in 2016.

Reading is an extremely important part of a child’s education and children who can read well generally achieve better in all other areas of the curriculum.  

We use a range of reading scheme books as we feel that children benefit from having a variety. Our reading books are graded by colour and number, according to difficulty. Children work through these at their own rate.

Within the bands, books are taken from several established schemes such as Bug Club, Rigby Star, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and PM+. There are also some ‘real’ books which are not written as part of a scheme. This system ensures that children are exposed to a wide variety of authors and genres.  


Children are taught to use a cursive handwriting style, which has lead in and lead out strokes to join. Correct formation of letters is essential. Children are currently taught using ‘Letter-join’.  

Our children enjoy writing for a variety of purposes, drawing on the experiences that they gain from our broad and balanced topic curriculum.  

Grammar is an important part of our English language and features heavily within our curriculum. Grammar affects the overall achievement and progress of children’s writing and speaking, so it is essential that both school and home support every child to achieve well through using grammar correctly.

Speaking and Listening

Across the school, we develop the children’s speaking and listening abilities as we believe that this significantly compliments their reading and writing skills. We teach the children: turn taking, respecting the views of others, performance poetry, formal presentations, debating skills and acting. There are many opportunities for children to take part in productions, including assemblies, events for special occasions such as Christmas and end of Key Stage celebrations.


We teach from the National Curriculum objectives. Our lessons focus heavily on equipping children with sound mathematical skills and we are currently exploring the ‘Shanghai Method’ of teaching maths.  One of our teachers has recently been to Shanghai to explore this and is building our maths curriculum around these methods. If you would like any further information about our curriculum then please speak to your child’s class teacher or contact the main school office.

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