Much like a Governing Body, the Academy Council’s role is to ensure your children learn in a safe environment and to the maximum of their ability.  Begbrook Primary Academy council typically meet once a term.  There is a standard agenda for each meeting which includes reviewing data on quality of teaching and learning, progress, school budget, attendance, behaviour and safety.  We have also helped to feedback on numerous policies and procedures. Through ‘Learning walks’ we have been able to see firsthand what happens during the school day and see the children’s learning in action.  Each learning walk is focused on a specific area (eg. Mathematics, reading) and it really helps to bring alive what is actually going on during the day, rather than just reviewing reports and statistics. We attend Cabot Learning Federation board meetings to keep up to date with the Federation’s overall strategy, achievement and performance and discuss Council roles and responsibilities with council members from other Schools.  The CLF have also provided a training programme which has helped in developing a better understanding of our roles on the academy council, what we should expect to understand and how we should be supporting/challenging the Leadership team. If you would like to speak to a member of the Academy Council please contact the school who will put you in touch with us, or email us on  (Su Coombes) Record of attendance at meetings and our register of pecuniary interests can be found below.  
Academy Councillors
Duncan Cruickshank – Principal Su Coombes – Chair Matt Gould – CLF Rep Joanne Lark – CLF Rep Tony Mooney – Parent Rep Jess Smith – Parent Rep Sara Sansom – Support Staff Rep Shashi McGregor – LA Rep Catherine Brennan – CLF Rep John Israel – Staff – Student Voice Amanda Vinall – Clerk Pecuniary Interest of the above – Nothing to declare REGISTER OF MEETING ATTENDANCE 2016-17